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I Just Like Pretty Things

Confession:  I just like pretty things. Pretty dresses, more specifically.   When meeting me, I may not seem like it.  I’m most comfortable in leggings and a t-shirt, and my naturally curly hair is best described by my daughter as “crazy.” The 40’s are hitting hard so I’ve only recently begun wearing a touch of makeup to make myself feel a bit more perky. But put me in a room with oodles of tulle and satin and beading and rhinestones and I’m instantly on cloud nine. I’ve tried understanding why I’m so in love frilly, poofy gowns and it all comes down

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Car Seat Safety

When we found out we were pregnant with our first, my initial thought was excitement. My very next thought was “OMG, I’m in charge of this little person’s life!!”  As someone that has struggled with anxiety most of her life, adding a helpless newborn into the mix, while I was thrilled, also added to the plate of stress. And not the “did I leave the garage door open” kind of stress, the “how do I keep this child alive” type of anxiety. How did I cope? Education!!  We took *all* of the prenatal classes we could and our very favorite


Call the Doula | Gold Coast Doulas

No matter how much you prepare, bringing a baby into this world is never easy.  Everyone from first time parents to seasoned “vets” need support to make the transition to a growing family. Enter, the doula!  True hero’s of the baby world, a doula is there to support you every step of your pregnancy journey.  They’re your personal coach, helper, and cheerleader; who doesn’t need that kind of support?!  I wish they had every-day-mom doulas 😉  And I’m so excited to say that Kristin Revere, Doula and co-owner of Gold Coast Doulas, is here to answer some your doula questions.


Welcome MomsBloom to the Blog! | Grand Rapids Maternity, Newborn, Family Photographer

  Occasionally, I get a request to photograph a wedding, or branding, real estate etc.  There are lots of photography genres, and they each take a significant amount of time to master.  I knew early on that I didn’t want to be a Jill-of-all-Trades, I wanted to stay true to what I was drawn to: motherhood.  From maternity to newborns to babies to families, they all focus on mamas (and dads 😉 ) and their babies. And motherhood truly is a tribe, and a tribe needs one another to succeed.  So when I was thinking over the West Michigan and



For me, photographs are so much more than a moment captured on camera—they’re memories. That’s why with every session, I strive to produce beautiful, timeless memories of your family that you can hang on your wall, place on your mantle, or tuck away in your wallet so you can relive them whenever you want.

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