Maybe it’s having children of my own, or maybe I’m just getting older, but I find myself feeling more and more sentimental these days.

When my mother passed in 2013, I realized I didn’t have many photos of the two of us and I wish I did—not just so I could flip through them and remember my mom, but so I could share her with my own daughters, too.

For me, photographs are so much more than a moment captured on camera—they’re memories. That’s why with every session, I strive to produce beautiful, timeless memories of your family that you can hang on your wall, place on your mantle, or tuck away in your wallet so you can relive them whenever you want.

Professionally, I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning from some of the best photographers in the biz, including Kelly Brown, Ana Brandt, and Elena Blair.

I’ve also nabbed a few awards for my work and was recently named on Expertise’s 2020 list of top nine Grand Rapids portrait photographers. I’m not just good with a camera either; I’m also specially trained in newborn safety and certified in CPR and first aid, because photographers, like scouts, should always be prepared.

As for my own family, I have the most wonderful husband and two amazing (and spunky!) daughters—and I’d be remiss not to include the furrier family members, Winnie the pup and CiCi the cat.