For me, photographs are so much more than a moment captured on camera—they’re memories.

When my mother passed in 2013, I realized I didn’t have many photos of the two of us and I wish I did—not just so I could flip through them and remember my mom, but so I could share her with my own daughters, too. I’m often asked “What did Grandma look like?” and I have just a few photos to share. And, true story:  the only photographs I have of our wedding are the 3 prints I have on the walls.  The digitals?  Long gone.  The disc our photographer burned them on?  Lost three moves ago. You can image what a loss it is to only have a single, framed photo of me as an adult, sitting with my mom.  Or that, as the years go by and my memory fades, three printed pictures hanging on my walls are all that’s left to tell the tale.

For the better part of a decade, my passion has become documenting moments in time. For me and my family, but yours as well. I want to help tell your family’s story.

Professionally, I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning from some of the best photographers in the biz, including Kelly Brown,  Charlotte Gamache, Ana Brandt, and Natasha Ince.

We’re grateful to live in the Grand Rapids, MI area, and love giving back to our community by donating to non-profits such as the West Michigan Humane Society and Crash’s Landing. In 2022, I was honored to be able to join the wonderful team of The Gold Hope Project, that provides family portrait sessions to children battling cancer and their families.

I’ve also nabbed a few awards for my work and was recently named one of Grand Rapids Top 10 Photographers by Grand Rapids Kids and Expertise’s 2022 best Grand Rapids portrait and newborn photographers. I’m not just good with a camera either; I’m also specially trained in newborn safety, CPR and first aid.

As for my own family, I have the most wonderful husband and two amazing (and spunky!) daughters—and I’d be remiss not to include the furrier family members, Winnie the pup and our three rescue kittens Harry, Luna, and Neville.

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