When should we schedule our family photos?

Great question!

The short answer: it depends.

The longer, but more helpful answer: it depends, so here are some things to consider.

The littles:  With very few exceptions, outdoor sessions start about an hour before sunset. For many families with littles, keeping them up for an 8pm shoot just isn’t happening, so spring and fall sessions may work well for them. If your fam has older kiddos, or young ones that would rather walk on hot coals than go to bed before 9pm (I’m SO sorry, btw) then summer sessions may be your ticket.

Wardrobe: Not gonna lie, I love me some layers. Bring me boots and cardigans! But I know a lot of mamas out there that look jaw-dropping in a flowy summer dress. What is your family’s style: are you a boots fam or a sandals fam?

Weather: One of the great things about Michigan is the change in season. Spring has beautiful, fresh blooms and greenery but is still a little cooler and damp. Summer is warm and comfortable with beautiful sunsets. We get those beautiful autumn colors in the fall (hello, cardigans!) and winter brings…cold. Really, really cold. But lets keep things positive and point out the pretty snow 😉  Think about which season your family thrives in.

Location: This one coincides a bit with weather, but still worth pointing out. If you have your heart set on beautiful green trees, spring and summer are your ticket. But if a beach background is more your style, summer and early fall are a better time of year.

Thanks for letting me help you plan your perfect family photo session! Check back soon for what to wear tips!


For me, photographs are so much more than a moment captured on camera—they’re memories. That’s why with every session, I strive to produce beautiful, timeless memories of your family that you can hang on your wall, place on your mantle, or tuck away in your wallet so you can relive them whenever you want.

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