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No matter how much you prepare, bringing a baby into this world is never easy.  Everyone from first time parents to seasoned “vets” need support to make the transition to a growing family. Enter, the doula!  True hero’s of the baby world, a doula is there to support you every step of your pregnancy journey.  They’re your personal coach, helper, and cheerleader; who doesn’t need that kind of support?!  I wish they had every-day-mom doulas 😉  And I’m so excited to say that Kristin Revere, Doula and co-owner of Gold Coast Doulas, is here to answer some your doula questions. Read on to hear more and take advantage of a special offer for Ellie B Photography families:

Hello and welcome, Kristin!  For those that may not know what a doula does, how would you describe your role:

Doulas are experts in providing non-medical support to families during pregnancy and immediately postpartum. We provide our clients with information, resources, emotional support and physical support.  Think of us as your guide to pregnancy, birth and parenting. You make the choices, we offer support.

Tell us a bit about Gold Coast Doulas and what drove the idea behind it:

I struggled to find resources during my own pregnancies and decided to create a one-stop shop to make it easier for families. Gold Coast is the first doula agency in the area and we pride ourselves on judgment-free support. We are also a Certified B Corporation as we believe in mixing profit and purpose.
I know there are different types of doulas out there.  What kinds of services does Gold Coast provide:
We offer bedrest doulas, birth doulas, and day and overnight postpartum and infant care doulas

And what stage of pregnancy do women typically book their doula:
Birth doula clients typically hire in the first or second trimester. We will take clients at any stage in pregnancy, however. It is best to hire your doula early to develop a strong relationship with them.  Postpartum clients tend to hire us later in pregnancy or when they need help after baby or babies arrive. We are able to find them a doula and start as soon as the next day if a client needs sleep or support right away .We work with a lot of twin and triplet families. 
Are there other services you provide as well:
We also offer classes, virtual sleep consulting, lactation consulting, and our online Becoming A Mother course
Finally, I like to ask all of my guests: what parenting advice would you love for other families to know?
Trust your instincts. Nobody knows your baby the way that you do. Don’t be afraid to ask for support. We don’t have to do this alone
Kristin is a Certified Elite Labor, VBAC, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula and birth coach. She is also the host of Ask the Doulas Podcast. Her writing has been featured in Rapid Growth Media and First Time Parent Magazine. Kristin was selected as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan by the Grand Rapids Business Journal in 2016 and in 2022.







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